Pre-Paid Credit Card Issuance Services

Our prepaid services are designed keeping the specific needs of our corporate clients in mind. We provide our co-branded prepaid cards clients the liberty to acquire, renew or replace their credit cards swiftly and affordably. Our personalized and ready-made credit cards assist our clients to avoid any money related issues.

Payment Processing

Prepaid Issuers A.G. as a prepaid card issuer, financial and payments services provider, offers a comprehensive set of payment processing services to allow you to carry out validated transactions in a simplified way. Our clients can avail different levels of payment processing on our processing platform.

Frontend and Backend Processing

    To ensure support through all phases of transactions and payment processing, we provide both frontend and backend processing services.

Frontend Processing

    Frontend processing refers to authorization and acknowledgement of the transactions.

Backend Processing

    Backend processing refers to the fund settlement and management against approved orders.

Outsource Your Processing Needs to Prepaid Issuers

    Provision of advanced payment processing platforms is our specialty, enabling you to make business operations as simple as possible.

Our Offerings

We issue an array of credit cards. These are some of the credit cards we provide:

  • Forex Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Gaming Cards
  • Virtual Cards
  • Youth Cards

Embossed and Non-embossed Cards

Our clients can opt for either embossed or non-embossed prepaid credit cards. These cards can be used to pay for bills in restaurants, hotels, retail shops, etc. With our easy-to-use embossed cards, clients can carry out online and offline purchases.

Forex Cards

Forex Cards are the perfect choice if you are travelling abroad. They provide trouble-free and reliable method of payment options while you are travelling abroad.

The card permits you to make payments without the need to change your money to local currency. Whether you are traveling on a business trip, or are out to have a great time, Forex co-branded cards make it easier to travel for you.

Gift Cards

We offer businesses custom designed gift cards which can be used by them to hand out to their customers. Gift cards significantly help in building a good relationship with customers, by offering them easy and flexible buying options.

Gaming Cards

Gaming cards can be availed by gaming enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games at various online platforms, without having to worry about payment issues. Gaming co-branded card programs can be used to make easy and secure payments to play games on a number of online platforms.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are the electronic counterparts of the physical cards. They are issued to provide the clients with an increased flexibility and easy in payment options. They are ideal for secure online purchase.

Youth Cards

Apart from our corporate clients, we have special offers for our non-commercial clients too. We provide youth cards to people belonging to a certain age bracket to let them enjoy travelling and shopping at discounted rates.

Our prepaid credit cards services include many other products which are designed to simplify payment processes for all. Explore our website for more products.

What We Offer?

We provide our clients with hassle-free transaction reporting. We also offer a range of remittance currencies.

A multitude of payment processing packages are on the offer. The package chosen by the clients depends on particulars such as the selected payment product, and the type of merchant services availed by the client.

Payment Products

We offer a wide range of payment methods, available in more than 150 countries and currencies.

Payment Processing services

Complete Card Solutions

Our card solutions include debit, credit, prepaid, and ATM payment services. We cater to clients including but not limited to...

  • payroll companies
  • trade companies
  • multi-level marketing companies
  • third party processors
  • microfinance
  • insurance
  • forex
  • e-wallets companies
  • rewards and cashback companies
  • membership organizations
  • retailers
  • .

High-quality solutions for Modern Payment Needs

Our company constantly modifies its solutions and services to keep pace with ever-changing requirements of businesses. Solutions offered by us optimize revenue, boosts up customer acquisition and retention and reduces overall operational costs.

ATM Solutions

    Our company offers innovative and flexible ATM solutions to enable businesses in the provision of easy payment methods to their clients. Our company operates various ATM models for prepaid credit card programs.

Exclusive Credit & Debit Solutions

    Our company provides credit card processing services. These services are offered for a number of consumer and business cards. Our package is an all-inclusive one offering features including card management, risk management, and reporting.

Flexible Prepaid Solutions

    Our company specializes in prepaid solutions to meet the varying needs of customers. Our experts carry out extensive market survey and then process onto design specialized solutions that fit with client’s requirements. Clients can avail services such as prepaid processing, payroll cards and turn-key program management.

Security Infrastructure

    We have a state-of-the-art platform for ensuring the security and safety of all credit and debit card processing, as well as all kinds of transactions. This makes sure that cardholders face absolutely no security or fraud issues with their co-branded cards.

Prepaid Card Issuance Services

170 Corporate Clients
8 Patents
11 Government Agencies
25 Yearly Transactions (Mln)
  • Our company provides a wide array of credit cards. The credit card lists include Forex cards, gaming cards, virtual cards, anonymous cards, and much more. We provide a number of financial services including credit card, payment processing, and merchant account services.

  • We invite businesses to outsource their payment processing needs to our company, for swift, reliable and secure transactions. We cater to a wide array of clients including retailers, banks, mortgage houses, and many more.

  • Prepaid Issuers A.G. offers a range of financial solutions for our clients. From secure ATM solutions, to state-of-the-art payment solutions, we offer turnkey as well as customized solutions for our clients.

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